About Us

Your Perfect Partner In Training

When it comes to dog training, achieving the best results often requires a tailored approach.

At Pawsitive Pawz Inc. we understand the importance of personalized training methods for each dog.

Our expertise in dog training ensures that we provide the best training techniques to help you and your furry companion(s) achieve the best results.

Whether it’s “obedience” training, behavioural modification, or specialized training, we are here to help you and your dog(s) succeed.

Top-Notch Training for Tail-Wagging Triumphs


Toolbox of Knowledge

We ensure that we equip you with all the essential tools so that, by the end of our training sessions & programs, you will have the necessary knowledge & skills to continue training your dog throughout their life.


Truth Matters

We consistently offer candid insights into not only your dog's behavior but also the behaviors of other family members. Our goal is to ensure everyone is in sync and working together to achieve successful training. We believe in the importance of truth because knowledge empowers. If we don't address issues when they arise, valuable learning opportunities may be missed.


Life-Long Bond

At Pawsitive Pawz Inc., we prioritize building strong bonds with all our clients, and we're committed to being there every step of the way, not only during training but also beyond, to guide and support you through any challenges that may arise.

Meet Our Team

Hello and welcome to Pawsitive Pawz Inc.!

My name is Ilayna and I am the founder of Pawsitive Pawz Inc.. Let me take you on a journey of how it all began.

My path to becoming a dog trainer wasn’t a straight line; it started during my years as an elementary school teacher working with behaviorally challenged children. Little did I know that my experience in psychology and behavior management would eventually lead me to a fulfilling career working with our four-legged friends.

It all started right here in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, where my well-behaved dogs caught the attention of my neighbors. They were always intrigued by how obedient and well-mannered my furry companions were. They began asking me the magic question, “What’s your secret?” Little did I realize that this would be the first step in my incredible journey into the world of dog training.

Drawing from my background in psychology and the techniques I used with my students, I started helping my neighbors with their dogs, offering guidance and support for free. It was heartwarming to see the positive transformations in these pups and their owners. However, life had its own plans for me.

A serious injury, a broken back, forced me to leave my teaching career. Despite the physical challenges and months of rehabilitation, my passion for helping dogs and their owners never wavered. Even while I was on the road to recovery, I couldn’t resist lending a hand to those I met on the street who were struggling with their canine companions.

It was during this time that I decided to turn my passion into a part-time profession. I realized that my true calling was in dog training. I was determined to learn from the very best in the field. That’s when I embarked on a journey of education and self-improvement under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Ian Dunbar, often referred to as the “Father of Positive Reinforcement.”

I’ve dedicated myself to continuous learning, attending courses, seminars, and workshops focused on various aspects of dog training. This commitment to education ensures that I stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field.

Currently, I’m delving into the fascinating world of anxiety in dogs. I’m particularly excited to apply this knowledge to the new generation of “COVID” dogs. These pups, who haven’t had the usual socialization opportunities, as well as their well-meaning owners who’ve turned to YouTube for training advice, are in need of expert guidance and support.

At Pawsitive Pawz Inc., we believe in creating a positive and rewarding experience for both you and your furry companion. My journey from an elementary teacher to a dedicated dog trainer has been a remarkable one, filled with passion, perseverance, and a deep love for dogs. I’m excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you, and together, we can ensure that your dog becomes the best version of themselves.

Thank you for choosing Pawsitive Pawz Inc.

I look forward to helping you and your dog on this incredible journey of training and companionship.

Woof, woof! Hey there, future furry friends and pawrents, I’m Dexter, the wise and experienced West Highland Terrier! I may be a seasoned pup at 10 years old, but I’ve still got plenty of tricks up my furry sleeves.

My mission here at Pawsitive Pawz Inc. is to help puppies stop those bouncy, jumpy habits, teach them some good manners, and guide them on the path to becoming well-behaved doggos. I’m the go-to guy for teaching pups how to strut their stuff with confidence during our walks. If any of my canine buddies are feeling a bit scared of their fellow furry pals, I’m here to lend a paw and help them overcome their fears.

When I’m not on the job, you can find me on a toy-hunting expedition. I have a knack for finding brand new toys and giving them a good old-fashioned tear-down – it’s my way of staying in touch with my playful side. Oh, and I absolutely love sniffing around for tasty treats. Who doesn’t, right?

Nap time is a sacred ritual for me. I take my beauty sleep seriously so I can be at my best when it’s time to protect my backyard from those sneaky chipmunks, squirrels, crows, and rabbits. They won’t stand a chance with me on guard!

So, if you’re looking for a chill, experienced doggy trainer who’s dedicated to helping your pup become the best they can be, look no further. I’m here to lend a paw and share my wisdom. Woof! 🐾

NOTE: Unfortunately I injured my knee and I am not able to train at this time