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Hi my name is Ilayna and I am the TOP DOG here. I would like to thank you for thinking about using
Pawsitive Pawz for you and your pups needs. 

About me:

I have a long history with dogs. I was born with a dog in my home and mainly had a dog in my life. From a child, I would watch and ask when I saw a dog do something, how did they do it? I personally consider myself a Rottweiler as I may look and be tough on the outside but on the inside I am soft and mushy. In fact some may consider me WESTIE CRAZY … I personally don’t see it … lol

I went to university and received 3 degrees to become a behaviour teacher for elementary students. B.A. in Visual Arts where I explored how colour effects/affects a person’s behaviour, B.A. Psychology Hons. specializing in Behaviour of children/adolescents and B.Ed. Elementary specializing in Special Education.

Unfortunately I broke my at work and had to leave teaching. This changed my entire life. Through the years I learned to combine Western & Eastern Medicine to help me manage my chronic pain. I also realized the importance of having a dog through these times. I decided to take courses on training for my own knowledge and began to help friends and neighbours with their dog behaviour problems. I realized how good I was and decided to change my career to become a DOG BEHAVIOUR CONSULTANT and TRAINER. I have never been as happy as I am today. Yes, I still have chronic physical and mental pain, but combining a dog, physiotherapies, therapies of mindfulness, meditation, Qigong healing movements, positive thinking is helping me maintain.

I am an animal advocate and believe every animal has a soul and deserves to be treated with dignity and loving-kindness. I have volunteered for Greenpeace plus other organizations to help animals and the environment around the globe. In my home we continually are going “green” AND having a low footprint in our lives. I joined The Pet Professional Guild in the U.S. as we are aligned in the same philosophy of committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care. I am also a member of The Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers which is the only association in Canada who also furthers the concept of dog-friendly and humane training techniques. 

I have been talking courses with Dr. Ian Dunbar who I consider the Guru of Dog Training. He was the first to recognize the importance and sustainability of training dogs with positive classical & operant conditioning and pairing with food. He has written many books on how to train your pup and created ways to help the Humane Society train their dogs so they are adoptable. I have learned new tricks of the trade with him. I also continually educate myself with various association seminars, classes and workshops to keep on-top of the newest science-based research and findings on training, food, nutrition and behaviour.



Hi my name is Dexter and I help my mommy with puppies and any dog who stays here.

I will play with them and teach them new tricks. I love playing with my “brain game” toys and running up and down the hill in my backyard chasing squirrels. My mommy also throws my rope toy and I enjoy running after it with the pack. When there are dogs around she will throw a ball and other flying objects and we go chase it. We also have a small pirate inflatable dog pool in our backyard to cool off and play in and in the winter she will blow it up and puts balls in there so we can play and find hidden toys inside. 

My mom also like to make DIY obstacle courses which she learns about then makes them for in the house and outside. My favourite thing in hide-and-seek. My mommy hides my favourite liver treats and I have to find them.

Many times my friends in the court Bubbles (a Pug) and Ace (a Yorkie) will come and play with me. They are very friendly and outgoing. I am sure you will like playing with them too. 

My mommy will make sure you will feel loved and part of our woof pack 🙂

Hi, my name is Elisa (not really a Westie) and I help the pack leader Ilayna with puppy training. I make sure that the parents & the pup(s) are happy and safe.

I love dogs and continue learning from Ilayna who is one incredible educator and person. She truly cares about you and your pups well-being.

Dexter tells me I am the #1 cheerleader