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Adolescent & Adult Dog Training Programs

I’m Back-on-Track
Training Programs for Adolescent & Adults Dogs

Is a private One-On-One training sessions
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Why do we do this in your home?  Because this is where your dog lives and this is the best place to change those unwanted behaviours to wanted behaviours.

Why do you want the entire family there? It is important to KEEP CONSISTENT with each member of the family. You made the decision to have a dog in the household and therefore each member of the family IS RESPONSIBLE for their well being.

IT TAKES WORK to change a behaviour and/or behaviours! You need to be willing to work. A Behaviour Dog Coach like myself does not have a “fix-my-dog-now” toolbox but I will teach you the necessary skills to create your own toolbox.

What is involved with an initial assessment? What I WILL be doing is writing down all OBSERVABLE  BEHAVIOURS from both people & dogs. I will then evaluate the behaviours and create initial solution(s) and set them with S.M.A.R.T. goals to be successful. I will teach you what is needed in the beginning and EVERYONE WILL PRACTICE IN-FRONT OF ME. Once I believe we are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE, I will coach you through (what I really mean is I will be bugging you in the beginning on a daily basis to make sure ALL OF YOU are doing the work) with encourage and loving-kindness until we see the wanted behaviour(s).

How long will it take for my dogs behaviour to change? It depends on the severity and how long the unwanted behaviour has been happening. Sometimes it can be done in 3 lessons over a 1 month span (BOOTCAMP) for straightforward behaviours as the ones below. Other more complicated behaviours such as anxiety, fear, aggression, bitting, etc.. can take up to 8 lessons over a 6 – 8 month span.

What happens if my dog has bitten others? For this I would do an analysis of the bite(s) from the DUNBAR SCALE. I can help from level 1 to level 6. I do not work with dogs with level 7 or 8 bites (at the moment). Further, if it is a level 8 bite (person/dog was put in the hospital), potentially the dog may have to be put down as there may be no way to bounce back.


If you just got a dog from a shelter and/or rescue YOU WILL NEED OUR HELP and you will HAVE TO BE PREPARED to WORK HARD and BE CONSISTENT for positive lasting behavioural changes. 

Many dogs have behavioural baggage when they go to a shelter and sadly many of them rapidly deteriorate after only a short time in that environment. Shelter animals often become de-housetrained, hyperactive, noisy, anxious and lonely. 

THE GOOD NEWS! Classical Conditioning (CC) can be used to help dogs make positive associations to all kinds of things. CC is performed repeatedly in an attempt to change the underlying emotion (e.g. fear) that prompts the action/though/feeling in question (for example ∼ men, babies, loud noises, etc.).

We use Reward Training (RT) as it is a low-pressure way to influence your dogs behaviour. RT relies on the belief your dog will naturally repeat behaviours that are positively reinforced. For example ∼ Reducing Hyperactivity » The moment the hyperactive dog lies down I would immediately reward the dog in some way, whether it be with a food morsel, a game of fetch or tug, or a walk. This would encourage to once again lay down quietly to get another reward.

If you are adopting from a rescue, we are willing to volunteer with them in the beginning for SIMPLE BEHAVIOURS and at a discount rate for more difficult behaviours

BELOW IS OUR I’m Back-on-Track


√ All are PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE lessons
√ All are on an ON-GOING BASIS
√ Our lessons are based on YOUR SCHEDULE

Come join our pack to become the best you can be!


Is your dog(s) doing the following?

  • Pulling on the leash? Your dog strains the leash nearly choking itself
  • Mouthing the leash? Nibbling, bitting, pulling, a game of tug-of-war. This may be done while walking or when standing still with the leash on.
  • Barking & lunging at the end of the leash? Lunging is when your dog suddenly moves forward and drags you along.

Our walking-on-a-leash bootcamp will help with this issue!

so we can lead, guide and teach you important training techniques to put into your training toolbox


Are you having problems with your dog sitting and staying on command?

The sit command is the MOST VALUABLE and most POWERFUL of all commands. If can get your dog to sit on command you are in a great position.

Even better, the sit position paired with the STAY COMMAND will become YOUR BEST TOOL in your dog training toolbox.

CONTACT US NOW to learn how we can help you with this great pairing 


Have you been called on due to your dogs barking? Does your dog bark uncontrollably?

  YES! it is possible to get your dog to speak and be quiet on command.

We will teach you this great training tool for your toolbox.

Remember, barking is a way for a dog to communicate to you that there is potential danger and this MUST BE REWARDED as this is their job. Allowing barking is very important and thanking your dog for doing it is extremely important.

If you are having issues with barking, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY so we can solve this problem ♥