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Programs & Services


Our I’m On-Track™ Programs are split up into 2 Parts

Your pup will properly learn the appropriate social graces
that comes with practice and time

Both Programs:

  • Are 6 weeks long
  • In a “Green Friendly” environment
  • Will be OFF-LEASH
  • Will develop appropriate socializing skills for adults, children & dogs
  • You will be creating a “Training Toolbox” to last you a life-time
  • We will be playing lots of fun games and learning at the same time

You will learn:

    • New vocabulary written, spoken & non-verbal
    • 5 most important commands
    • plus much more

What we are most proud of our unique DESENSITIZING portion of our programming. 

This is a trade secret and WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE DOING THIS! 

Your pup will be able to be “handled” by VETS, GROOMERS and CHILDREN without a snarling, growling and other unwanted behaviours.

FURTHER, your pup by the end of the 12 week program WILL BE DESENSITIZED to the 12 FACTORS that can create a situation for a BITE 


BOOT-CAMP style programs for adolescent and adult dogs.